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In : Community Work, News Comments : 1 Author : TrinityVets Date : 13 Sep 2016

Several months ago, we donated to Urban Ministries’ annual Spring Fling event to benefit the local community in regards to Health, Homelessness and Hunger. We wanted to contribute with something more experiential to make our donation to the community more meaningful, so we decided on a kid-friendly event, “Spend A Day with a Veterinarian.”

Last month, the lucky winner and aspiring veterinarian, Lola came and spent the day at our hospital. Lola’s mom, Eliz, bid on the auction item as a present for Lola’s 10th birthday. Boy was she surprised!

Animal Doctor for the day
The future Dr. Lola!

During her day with us, Lola got to shadow Dr. Richardson as well our team members here at Trinity Animal Hospital. She received a tour of our hospital, met our patients, followed along with Dr. Richardson to room appointments, observed a dental procedure and even got to help with a dog rehabilitation evaluation!

When we asked Lola why she wanted to be a veterinarian, she said: she saw how sick her cat got one time. After they took him to an animal hospital he got so much better. Even since then, she has wanted to help make other kid’s pets feel better too.


Kid Veterinarian

Dr. Richardson and Dr. Lola have their morning rounds where they discuss the schedule for that day before they start to see appointments. It’s going to be a busy one so we hope Lola is ready!

Kid Veterinarian for the Day

Dr. Lola and Dr. Richardson prep sweet Lexi for her Dental Cleaning! Dr. Lola got to see how our team put in her catheter and observed how our team cleans their teeth. She said it was just like when she goes to the dentist!

Trinity Animal Hospital NC Veterinarians in room with patience

After getting Lexi’s dental was finished, Dr. Richardson and Dr. Lola visited their first room of the day. Lola got to see how the full appointment experience with our patients goes from start to finish. She did a great job!

Trinity Animal Hospital NC Kid Veterinarian

Seri’s appointment was routine wellness exam and vaccinations. Dr. Lola checked her out and confirmed with Dr. Richardson that she had a clean bill of health!

be a veterinarian for the day

Next up was Darcy! Darcy was here for her monthly grooming visit and she also needed some wellness updates. Dr. Richardson showed Dr. Lola how to perform a full exam that included listening to her heart, checking her eyes, taking her temperature and more!

Under water treadmill treatment in Raleigh North Carolina for dog rehabilitation

The next appointment was Lance and he is a rehab patient that needed to be re-evaulated. Dr. Richardson and Dr. Lola watched as Rachel helped lead the Under Water Treadmill session. Dr. Lola got to observe Lance’s improvement and find out what Dr. Richardson recommended as next steps for Lance.

Laser Therapy for Dog Rehabilitation

After Lance’s under water treadmill session, Dr. Lola got to see how a Laser Therapy session went. We lasered Lance’s back and back legs where he experiences pain and inflammation. She got to wear some cool shades and even got to put on Lance’s for him.

Spend a day with a Veterinarian in Raleigh, NC

All in all, it was a pretty great day! Dr. Lola said her favorite part was prepping Lexi for her dental cleaning and the under water treadmill. We loved giving Dr. Lola the full “Day In The Life of a Veterinarian” treatment and Dr. Richardson enjoyed meeting a budding veterinarian! Thanks for coming by Dr. Lola – Maybe y0u’ll work in our hospital one day!

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  1. bailey farrar July 14, 2017 at 4:40 pm

    Hey I am a student at holly springs high school and last year you guys came to our job fair and I asked if you had any volunteer work or shadowing opportunities and Dr. Richardson said yes. So I was just wondering when I can volunteer or shadow. You can contact me through my email and thank you.

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