Meet Dr. Amelia Cox

Aug 19 2020

Hi all! Jude here. The other pets brought me up to speed and I hear we are embarrassing…I mean..  sharing all about our humans so you can get to know them better! My human is Dr. Amelia Cox. Let’s dive in, shall we? In the beginning… No, wait. That’s too dramatic. I’ll try again. It all started with a video game. The game was called “So you think you want to be a veterinarian?” The game asked a question and Dr. Cox answered. I guess we all know how it turned out! Growing up, Dr. Cox worked as a teen…

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Meet Dr. Ellen Sears

Jul 28 2020

OK friends, somehow the felines have taken over the blog 2 times now and it’s about time we get back on track with us canines around here. Who am I, you ask? I’m Lincoln. Dr. Ellen Sears’ beloved furry friend! I’m so glad you’re here for me to introduce and tell you about my most favorite human. I’ve got stories to tell and secrets to share so let’s get started! We’ll start at the beginning when Dr. Sears was a kid. It was clear she was meant for #VeterinarianLife when she refused to go by any name other than Pepper…

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Meet Dr. Delaney Honeyford

May 17 2020

Hello Trinity Fam! I’m Huck, Dr. Honeyford’s main furry friend and I’m about to dive in and tell you all about her! Buckle up, we are about to take a ride. To tell you about my human (Dr. Delaney Honeyford), we must first take a ride back in time… I enjoy doing this because I wasn’t with her yet and this is my favorite way to see what I missed. First thing’s first though. Please keep your arms, hands, feet, and legs inside the moving vehicle at all times! Here we go! First stop? Kid’s museum. Take a look around! What’s that?…

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Free Home Delivery

Apr 27 2020

During this unprecedented time, we don’t want your pets to miss out on what they need. This is why the Trinity Animal Hospital team is currently offering FREE HOME DELIVERY. Check out all the details below. Email or call us if you have ANY questions!

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Meet Dr. Amy Arroyo

Oct 30 2019

Hi friends! Since we recently heard from that dog named “Mama”, Dr. Trendelman’s four-legged love, it’s time for the real pet species to have a voice. Let’s face it. Cats rule the world. Am I right? My name is Finnegan and my human is Superwoman. You know her as Dr. Amy Arroyo, the adorable clinic fashionista who wears heels to work and makes the rest of you appear weak. She is my love. Growing up, Dr. Arroyo was called “Squirt’ by her father, which is such a cute nickname, don’t ya think? Dr. A knew she wanted to be a…

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Ultimate Kid Experience: Be A Veterinarian For A Day

Aug 23 2019

Earlier this spring, we donated to the Polka Dot Mama Melanoma Foundation, a local organization dedicated to spreading awareness of melanoma cancer. Once again, we decided to donate something fun and exciting for our community. Our “Spend A Day with a Veterinarian” package was so popular at the last auction we donated to, so we thought why not try again! Enter Miss Ava Catherine.. *ahem* Dr. Ava Catherine! She got to spend time with each of our doctors and many of our patients to learn what a day in the life as a veterinarian is like. Cool right? Each morning,…

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