Meet Dr. Delaney Honeyford

May 17 2020

Hello Trinity Fam! I’m Huck, Dr. Honeyford’s main furry friend and I’m about to dive in and tell you all about her! Buckle up, we are about to take a ride.

Meet Dr. Delaney Honeyford

To tell you about my human (Dr. Delaney Honeyford), we must first take a ride back in time… I enjoy doing this because I wasn’t with her yet and this is my favorite way to see what I missed. First thing’s first though. Please keep your arms, hands, feet, and legs inside the moving vehicle at all times! Here we go!

First stop? Kid’s museum. Take a look around! What’s that? Ahh yes, that’s her. She’s so little and cute, isn’t she? That’s my human at the age of 3 listening to a cow (okay, I’ll admit it’s a fake cow, but still..) with her stethoscope. Oh how I love young, curious minds destined for greatness.

Do you smell that? MMMmm so SWEET! There she is! Dr. Honeyford working her first job at a frozen yogurt store. I’ve always wanted to work at one of these places but Mom says I would get fur in everything so that request was denied. Rude. 🙄

Do you feel that? The nice breeze blowing through the trees in nature. Look! There is Dr. Honeyford with her family on one of their hikes. This is her favorite family tradition. They go every Easter to the Pine Barrens!

Meet Dr. Delaney Honeyford

Phew! We made it to her college years! Dr. Honeyford went to the University of Maryland, an Agricultural College. Look at her out there in the fields working with all the production/farm animals. She was born to do this, don’t you think? She told me that it was during these years, while working with the animals, that inspired her to become a veterinarian. Of course, you all know that eventually her passion became geared toward small animals and helping out other humans with their pets, like you!

Welcome to the present! Now, I can dish on more information to help you better know Dr. Honeyford. Since we are roommates and all, I’m privy to some interesting facts. One being, she can touch her tongue to her nose! You may call it interesting but I’m still looking into her DNA to confirm if she’s part cat. Being her roommate, she has some weird quirks I’ve noticed over the years. What, you ask? Specifically when she is making/eating her dinner, she insists on blending her vegetables into the rest of her meal…almost like she is hiding it. I haven’t decided if she either doesn’t like vegetables and is trying to trick herself or she just doesn’t like looking at them. Either way, I don’t know why she won’t just eat the same meals as me. It takes no time to prepare and it’s delicious!

Meet Dr. Delaney Honeyford

Dr. Honeyford and I spend a lot of time snuggling. We are companions after all. She does hold grudges though if we have guests and I choose to sit with them instead of her, but I didn’t tell you that. Her favorite show to binge watch is 30 Rock. She always tells me she feels like she can relate to Liz Lemon on a personal level. Anyone else like to watch 30 Rock? Often times we dream of visiting Italy. Dr. Honeyford took Latin for 5 years and would love to see the Roman Empire Aires. We imagine ourselves eating and drinking all the amazing Italian food and wine. Okay I’ll admit, we imagine HER eating all the amazing food and wine. Me? I’d rather stick to the basics and bring my own food along.

Hope you enjoyed a ride back through time and getting to know my human and your furry friend’s doctor, Dr. Honeyford! You’re welcome for the small talk topics next time you see her!

Happy chatting,
Huck 🐈