Meet Dr. Richardson & Dr. Glenn!

Meet Dr. Richardson & Dr. Glenn!

Apr 01 2019

We are pleased to introduce you to both of our Full-Time veterinarians here at Trinity Animal Hospital! Learn a little bit more about each of them, discover their journey to becoming a veterinarian and why they can’t wait to meet you and your pets!

Dr. Billy Richardson was born and raised in Elizabethtown, KY. His father Fred was a horse trainer, which meant Billy grew up on the horse track, attending races and getting a front-row seat into equine medicine and care. Billy was a studious child who enjoyed math and science from a very young age. When he realized that animal care and medicine was very much like a puzzle, putting the pieces together using science, medicine and little bit of intuition to discover the solution (after all, they can’t tell us verbally what’s wrong), he decided at age 13 that he would become a veterinarian.

Billy’s experience with his father and his colleagues served him well as he spent many summers during high school, working with racetrack veterinarians, tending to the horses before, during and after races. He attended the University of Kentucky for undergrad and was then accepted into Auburn University’s school of veterinary medicine. At the end of his sophomore year, he decided to switch tracks and pursue his degree in small animal medicine. After graduating from Auburn, Billy practiced in Tallahassee (FL), Charlotte (NC), Los Angeles (CA) and Cary (NC) before opening Trinity Animal Hospital in the spring of 2016. His goal for TAH is to become intertwined with the Holly Springs community while building meaningful relationships with his clients and helping their pets live longer, happier and healthier.

In Billy’s spare time he loves to play volleyball, spend time outdoors and volunteer at his church. You can often find him on the weekends, riding bikes around his downtown Raleigh neighborhood with his wife Nikki and their Jack Russell pup Birdie.

Dr. Brooke Glenn spent her younger years in Tampa, FL before her family moved to Spartanburg, SC and she learned all about how to bleed orange. Many members of her family work in the medical field which helped fan the flame for her to pursue a similar path. Both of her parents are registered nurses and her father continues to work as a hospital administrator. While her brother continued to carry on the family tradition and work as a human anesthesiologist, Brooke decided to follow a different road.

Several of her extended family members work as veterinarians and veterinary medicine. From the age of 9, Brooke spent every break she possibly could working at her family’s animal hospital. After spending an entire summer adopting out kittens, cleaning cages and visiting rooms with her family members that were doctors, Brooke knew she wanted her dream of being a veterinarian to become a reality.

Brooke attended Clemson University for undergrad and after her parents moved to the Wilmington area, she applied and was accepted into NC State’s School of Veterinary Medicine. Brooke enjoys both large and small animal practice (she loves cattle!) but focusing on small animal was a better fit for her life goals. One area of passion that was developed while in school was reproduction – she says what’s better than helping birth cute fur babies! She also enjoys following your puppy or kitten’s from start to finish.

When Brooke isn’t practicing at Trinity she enjoys spending time with her husband Brad and their two rescue dogs: beagle Pilot and hound dog Riley. You can often find her cooking and baking in her kitchen (she’s a Blue Apron addict!) knitting on the couch or practicing her ballroom dance moves.