Amy Arroyo DVM

Jul 01 2019

Dr. Amy Arroyo spent most of her childhood in a small town outside of Chicago, IL. As a child, she was always surrounded by animals, whether it was the stuffed animal variety or one of the many dogs, fish or rabbits she had. Early on Amy had dreams of either being a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld or saving endangered animals in Africa, but as she grew older, her desire to help others as well as her love of science and animals pointed her towards veterinary medicine.

Amy moved to central NY to attend Cornell University for undergrad, initially as a biology major, however, while there Amy’s path took an unexpected turn leading her to follow a new found love for education. She earned her degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, after which she moved to Florida to pursue a career as an early childhood educator. After some time, Amy realized her passion for animal medicine had not been dampened and that she wouldn’t be satisfied until she followed her heart.

That leap of faith led her to Western Washington, where she worked as a veterinary assistant while taking the necessary prerequisite classes in order to attend vet school. Amy was accepted to Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and while there, focused her studies on small animal general practice.

After graduation, she left the Pacific Northwest for the warmer weather of North Carolina. Ever the educator, Amy has loved working alongside her team to help provide pet owners with the information and tools they need to best care for their animal loved ones. She also has a particular love for feline medicine and proudly labels herself a “crazy cat lady”.

When not at Trinity, Amy enjoys spending as much time outdoors as possible, whether it’s reading by the pool, long-distance running or exploring all that Raleigh has to offer with her two furry friends in toe — a goofy black lab pup named Wyatt and an ever mischievous orange tabby cat named Finnegan.